Who Are They?

Matthew T. Hall


Matthew T. Hall is a funny old chappy who writes music, especially canons. His other passions include drinking good wine and eating fish but not meat.


Will Howarth


Will writes kooky songs. He plays prog bass and jazz sax. He totally digs cats.



Alexander Ling


Alexander is a very pretty young man with lovely blond hair. When he smiles at you, you just melt.


Talia Morey


Talia is the only composer in the group whose hair can rival Alexander’s for loveliness. She is just all about birds right now!


Oliver Muxworthy


Oliver likes to make people feel uncomfortable by talking about things that are considered taboo or ‘un-P.C.’ He is sort of a bit like Ravel re-incarnate but taller. He claims not to be of Asian descent, but we’re not convinced.